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Découvrez le nouveau clip « Statement » de Joey Vantes sur Radio Elyon !

OUT NOW: https://tinyurl.com/wwvcrog

Haha, Yeah
I Don’t Know If They Can Handle This
I Don’t Know If They Can Handle It
Yeah, Yeah

You Couldn’t Stop What Is Destined For Us
Keep On Shooting I Snatch You Up Call Me Boss
Got The Plate In The Trunk Now They Lookin’ For Us
Had A Spaceship But I Switched To A Ford Taurus
I Do Not Mess ‘Round With Mediocre
I Pull Up In My Bag, I Ain’t Playin’ Poker
Drink Out The Glass If It’s Coca-Cola
When I’m Out In Atlanta, You Know We Rollin’
Undertaken In The Patty Wagon
Lethal Injection I Bodybag ‘Em
I Been Fed Up Like I Really Had It
Pat’ Mahomes With The Cannon Like It Was Madden
Get To My Spot, Ain’t Nobody Guardin’
Run Your Mouth I Reply Like « I Beg Your Pardon »
Think First ‘Fore Your Name Tarnish, I’ma Cross Stepback, James Harden
Act Like I Came Off The Bench Dawg
Triple-Double Now I See You Bent Dawg
I Do Not Ever Use Fentanyl
Let It Drip Off The Topic, The Space Bar
Kosher Like Jewish, I Can’t Hold
Shout My Aces In Crenshaw
Showin’ My Love For The West Y’all
I Keep It Smooth But Don’t Test Dawg

Joey, Look, The South Got Something To Say (Whew, Whew)
I’m From The Country Like Home On The Range (Home On The Range)
You Don’t Want Smoke Then Don’t Get In My Way
They Say Lil Dyllie These Rappers Want Beef (Eee)
Don’t Have A Cow Man It’s All In A Day (All In A Day)
I’m Jimmy Fallon I Work Every Night
Locked In The Studio, Been Here For Days (Been Here For Days, Been Here For Days, Hold Up)
Yeah, I Left The Label They Thought That I’d Flop (I Did)
Now They See Me On The Way To The Top
How Much A Feature? I Told ‘Em A Lot (A Lot)
Don’t Need The Cash But You Know I’m So Passionate
I Had To Fast A Bit, I Had To Stop
I Caught The Lateral, I Didn’t Stop (Yeah, Yeah)
State Touchdown, God With The Block

Look, My Stats Getting Bigger And Bigger (Bigger)
I Shoot The J Like I’m Jigga, Uh (Jigga)
Y’all Steady Worry ‘Bout Y’all Figure (Y’all Figure)
I’m Worryin’ ‘Bout Gettin’ Figures, Uh
Y’all Feelin’ Yourselves That’s A Quick Fix (Yeah)
I Inspired Y’all Boys To Begin With (To Begin)
So Please Homie, Don’t Get It Twisted (Naw)
‘Cause I Set The Table Like Picnics (Let’s Go)
Y’all Ain’t Got Heart, I Been At ‘Bout This Since I Was In Diapers And I’m ‘Bout To Pipe Up Like Ooh
Y’all In My Way, All Like Ray Charles Is Eyeless ‘Cause I Swear That Y’all Just Be Blockin’ My View
When Y’all Gon’ Stop Buying Comments And Followers, Acting Like Y’all Is The Myths To The Truth (Oh My God)
When Y’all Gon’ Stop Tryna Book Me For Shows When Y’all Ain’t Got The Money, Man, Y’all Just Some Fools
Give Me The Play I’m Like Ten-Four (Ten-Four)
I’m Leading The Game It’s Like Ten-Four (Ten-Four)
My Favorite Scripture Proverbs 10:4 (10:4)
I Sow Now I Reapin’ Like Tenfold (Sheesh)
But I Can’t Do This On My Own, Yeah (Naw)
Need Christ On The Daily Fasho (Yeah)
Without Him My Life Is Too Limited, Uh
Can’t Settle For Bron’ I Want Gold, Look

Ayy, Don’t You Test The Kid
Chosen, Don’t You Question It (Don’t You Question It)
And Yeah I’m Sure Like Estimate (Yeah, Yeah)
But You Shoulda Knew Like Testament (New Testament)
Ayy, Pick A Lane, But Don’t Pick Mine, That’s Lame (Yeah)
Peace Out To The Past, I Been The Same
But I Just Might Snap (Like This), Take It To The Endgame, Hold Up
Been Glowin’, Try To Diffuse Me I’ma Still Blow Up
Can’t Get Knee-Deep, I’ma Split Waves
Light Skin Bruce Lee How I Kick Game
Y’all Ain’t Even Wanna Play (Y’all Don’t Wanna Play), What’s Close To Me?
I Do A Verse And A Hook, Like Dos Of Me
Unmatched No Book, Ryan Gosling
I Feel Way Too Dope That’s Dopamine
Okay, You Owe Me, Go ‘Head And Get Me
This Automatic I Feel Like A Semi
I Did Them Shows And I Once Earned A Penny
Now They Like Woah, I Feel Like Kenny
I Feel Like This Is A Brand New Beginning
Gave ‘Em Them Their Souls And Picked Up Them Benji’s
Poof, Who The Uno, Dine In Like Denny’s
Don’t Pass The Sauce, Boy I Got Plenty, Huh (Woo)

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