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Rebecca Metusela – Igikomere Mu Mutima

Christian worship song; IGIKOMERE Mu Mutima is a Kirundi phrase that’s means wounds of the heart. In the song Rebecca Metusela talks of various ways people acquire the wounds and she says that one way is God who wounds the heart and he’s the same God who heals.
Enjoy the song and be blessed. video directed by Kent-P

Découvrez la Biographie de l’artiste sur Radio Elyon cliquez-ici.

Get Igikomere Mu Mutima Here https://africori.to/igikomere

CODE ISRC: ZA56E2100038

Rebecca Metusela - Igikomere Mu Mutima
Distribution Label: KORA ENTERTAINMENT

Connect with Rebecca Metusela

Twitter: @RebeccaMtsl
Facebook: @RebeccaMtsl
Instagram: @RebeccaMtsl

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